Food menu


Soup and appetisers

Kulajda - czech soup with mushrooms and poached egg 79,-
Soup of the day 59,-
Beetroot carpaccio with feta cheese, lamb´s lettuce, toast 129,-
Salmon tartar with toast 160,-
Quiche Lorraine - warm vegetable cake with bacon and cheese 120,-
Quiche Lorraine - baked cake with chicken and spinach leaves 120,-
Tiger shrimps with garlic, tomatoes and ginger sauce 195,-
Club sandwich with chicken breast, bacon and potato chips, garlic mayonaisse
Goat cheese gratinated with Pesto and honey, lettuce, toast 155,-
Grilled vegetables with garlic baguette 120,-


Caesar salad with chicken breast on skewer, bacon and Gran Biraghi cheese 189,-
Caesar salad with grilled salmon and Gran Biraghi cheese 209,-
Variation of lettuce with goats cheese, pine nuts and coriander dressing 175,-
Ruccola salad with sundried tomatoes and Pecorino cheese 175,-
Vegetable salad with italian dressing 95,-
Lettuce salad with italian dressing 95,-

Pasta and risotto

Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino (olive oil, garlic, chilli, Gran Biraghi cheese) 165,-
Linguine with salmon, zucchini, grilled tomatoes and white wine 199,-
Linguine with pieces of pork tenderloin, sundried tomatoes and ruccola, Gran Biraghi cheese 199,-
Potato gnocchi with chicken meat, spinach leaves, cream and garlic 189,-
Risotto with mushrooms, truffle oil and Gran Biraghi cheese 179,-

Main dishes

Chicken breast with Pesto sauce, roasted vegetables and potatoes Grenaille
Marinated pork neck steak (300g), mashed potatoes with bacon, shallot sauce with green pepper 220,-
Beef goulash with speck dumplings 199,-
Fried veal (Vienna Schnitzel), potato purée, cucumber salad 265,-
Zander fillet with grilled vegetable, potato purée with marjoram and lemon aioli 295,-
Variation of grilled fish (zander, salmon, tiger shrimps), vegetable and wasabi purée 295,-
Rump steak with roasted potatoes Grenaille 299,-
Pork tenderloin wrapped in sesame seeds, plum sauce and mashed potatoes 265,-
Mixed gril - beef meat, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, spicy salsa, sour cream, french fries 295,-

Side orders

Baked garlic baguette with fresh herbs butter 60,-
Potato french fries 60,-
Potato purée 60,-
Mashed potatoes 60,-
Roasted potatoes - Grenaille 60,-
Roasted green beans with bacon and garlic 60,-
Spinach leaves with garlic 60,-
Hot sauce - pepper, cheese, mushroom 35,-
Home made tatar sauce 35,-
Small vegetable salad with italian dressing 95,-
Lettuce small salad with italian dressing 95,-
Variation of bread 35,-


Nachos with spicy pepper salsa
Nachos gratinated with chedar cheese, avocado salsa (guacamole) 99,-
Variations of cheese (mix four kinds of current offer) - 150g 169 ,-
Marinated green olives - 50g 45,-
Marianted green olives with fetta cheese
Freshly roasted almonds - 50g 60,-
Peanuts 45,-
Pistachio 55,-
Salted potato chips


Apple strudel with whipped cream 65,-
Home made apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
Pancake with banana, chocolate and whipped cream 85,-
Creme brulée with madagaskar vanilla and home made cookie 120,-
Ice cream cup Adria 85,-
Ice cream (100g) - daily offer (vanilla, caramel, walnuts) 30,-
Italian tiramisu 65,-
Chocolate cake 69,-
Vanilla cheesecake 65,-
Fruit cake 65,-
Raspberry pie
Whipped cream 10,-